When The Bow Breaks (DC & Athens Bands Live in VA Beach ’86-’88)

This here is a tape that never even came across my radar until over twenty years after its release and well, it’s my job to pass it along to you! I mean, innit?

Well, boy howdy, this is the When The Bow Breaks tape compilation released by the legendary live archivist Greg Webb back when he lived out on the eastern side of Virginia. To those who haven’t been next to Greg at the countless gigs he’s documented in the South over the past twenty five years, I feel it necessary to tell you that his video footage makes up the great majority of footage on the Harvey Milk "Anthem" 2xDVD.

Apart from the glimmer of future Athens legends (Porn Orchard and Mercyland), there’s killer live audio of Corrosion of Conformity, but the real gems lie in all the live recordings of the DC bands that’d duck down to Virginia Beach and play. Sure, we’ve got yer Fugazi and Soulside on here, but really, those are almost garden variety compared to the other gems that Greg has on here.

First off is the ridiculously underrated Three which I never even knew performed live outside of the immediate DC area. Also, for your listening pleasure Kingface, One Last Wish and Scream make appearances.

I certainly hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed listening to it for the first time. One of these days, when Greg makes his way back to Georgia (he now lives in SoCal) I’ll bug him about raiding this collection. However, in the meantime, crank this.

Much thanks to Arthur Johnson for allowing me to borrow his copy of this.

POST SCRIPT: I got an email from "thee" Greg Webb (check out his You Tube channel). Instead of rewriting what he said, I’ll just post it as is.

"Hey, just happened to notice the cassette tracks posted on Chunklet. Please put in text that I put on the shows and taped the shows I put on. That’s how DC bands made it to Virginia Beach, because I called them. Also note that the cover art was done for free by the late, great Ted Hafer. Also, I still owe four people, who sent me $5 from the MRR review, copies of the tape, in the slim chance that arises. Thanks, Greg"

Porn Orchard-Live ’87

Three-Live ’87

Soulside-Live ’88

Scream-Live ’88

One Last Wish-Live ’86

Mercyland-Live ’87

Kingface-Live ’87

Fugazi-Live ’88

Corrosion of Conformity-Live ’86