What’s Been Happening at Chunklet HQ?

I spend all of this money on a new Chunklet website, and I’ve been incredibly negligent in posting things. So here’s an update.

First off, I’ve released my very first single. Of my own stuff, that is. “Micro Impressions Volume 1” is available now on Bandcamp and will be in stores in the very near future. “Henry, what’s your first single?” That’s a good question!

“Micro Impressions Volume 1” is a collection of my one-second band impressions. Recorded live. About fifty of them. Imagine an issue of Chunklet crammed into a vinyl record. I wrote a ton for it and included approximately 100 (!!!!) reviews of the single which were all written by my friends. The sleeve was designed by Nolen Strals from Post Typography and is mighty fancy. There y’have it.

CHK7_025_LayoutREV-copy copy

I should also add that our long-time distributor, Carrot Top out of Chicago, folded. Although that’s bad news for us all, Chunklet was fortunately picked up by Revolver almost immediately after the news was announced. So for those that wonder where to get our releases…..well, Revolver. Ask for Bobo.

I’ve also been venturing more and more into releasing records by Georgia-based musicians because, let’s face it, things are downright bonkers here in town. The most recent releases have been by Omni (featuring two outtakes from their first LP on Trouble In Mind) and an EP by drag-dressin’ freaks The Material Girls. Both releases are fantastic.


I also got the crazy idea to release three lathe-cut singles by three Atlanta bands in one night. DiCaprio, Nag and Death Stuff. Even made a cassette collecting all three. Check it out!

Coming up is a full length LP by All The Saints, a single by The Gotobeds and a slew of split singles. One of the splits features Robert Schneider from the Apples in Stereo and Will from the Olivia Tremor Control. The band is called The Patient. Release date is late September. Stay tuned.

I also made some enamel pins because yolo.


That’s about it. Been working furiously and relaxing…uh, un-furiously. Until next time.