Top 7″s for 2008

I don’t know why it is, but I seem to buy as many singles as I do full lengths. It still always seems to be the first place to find out about new, fresh artists first.

MayyorsMegan’s LOLZ  (Gomerdome)                                         
Wounded Lion – 7" (S-S)
Sic AlpsUnitled (Important)
OmGebel Barkal (Sub Pop Singles Club) [anybody possibly got a spare copy to sell?]
NodzzzI Don’t Wanna Smoke Marijuana (Make A Mess)
The MuslimsParasites (I Hate Rock N Roll)
Obits – One Cross Apiece (Stint)
Double NegativeRaw Energy EP  (Sorry State)
Los LlamaradaAgainst The Day (Avant!)
The Shitty LimitsStraight Forward (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
CarbonasEuro Tour (Self Released)
FNU Ronnies7" (Richie)
TyvekSidewalk (M’Lady)
Wooden ShjipsVampire Blues (Sick Thirst)
Bukkake BoysSplendid Thoughs (Vile Minds)
Talbot TagoraMorning Secrets (Self Released)
Creston SpiersYesterday’s Parade (Southern Shelter)

Honorable 7" (or otherwise non-full length) mention:
AFCGT 10"  (Dirt Knobby)

I’m sure a couple of these might’ve come out in 2007, but hey, cut me some slack. I don’t live in some cultural mecca like Park Slope or Berkeley, okay? I live in Georgia. Deal with it.

And while I’m at it talking about Georgia, a special round of applause to Douchemaster, Die Slaughterhaus and Rob’s House for releasing quality seven inch vinyl throughout 2008. In fact, I just got the latest stash of Rob’s House slop in today’s post and it’s already makin’ me a happy camper! (Note: Anything on HoZac from the past year also receives special mention.)

And one last note, the Spooks LP on Die Slaughterhaus has been in heavy rotation. It’s a pity it won’t actually see the light of day until 2009, but at the release party on Halloween, I nabbed a sleeve with a CD-R in it so technically, I can include it in this 2008 list…

In unrelated news, my good friend Joe Peery sent me a link to this woman who does really elaborate hair dressing to her full size poodle to which I say, simply, "whoa!"

And although it’s not my goal to make recent posts all about The Jesus Lizard (although I know a few won’t mind it), I will leave you with this very notable picture of Yow in Memphis. I wonder why that girl behind him is smiling…..

Yow, Memphis ’90s