The Whip vs. The Whip UK

A foregone conclusion, I’m sure.

Burly, Northwestern, Rockin’ Music. (With Jared from Karp and Joe Preston. Started 2002 and ended 2003 when the drummer died.)

Hefty. Hefty. Hefty.

Pasty, English, Electronic, Disco, House Music.

The (original) Whip demo attached. Discuss.

Oh, on a related note, Joe Preston’s playing with Harvey Milk both on their upcoming album and tour this Spring! Get stoked!

Wimpy. Wimpy. Wimpy.

The Whip – Stone Cold Crazy

The Whip – Freelance Liason (demo)

The Whip – Wolf & Sheep Judgement (demo)

The Whip – untitled3 (demo)

The Whip – untitled4 (demo)