The New Bomb Turks: Destroy-O-hio!

The Turks are no strangers to the uh, pages (?) of Chunklet. But Saturday (8/1) the guys got together to do their “once every couple of years thang” in celebration of bass man’s Matt Reber’s 40th b’day. And seeing as I too am looking right down the ugly barrel of that number myself, well, I just had to go show my support. But this was no ordinary NBT awesomeness on display. No, this night the set kicked off with a COMPLETE throw-down of their 1993 debut album “Destroy-Oh-Boy!”. That’s right, every song machine-gunned right at you – one after the next, front to back, and start to finish. Wham-Bam-Fuck-You-Ma’am. The closers consisted of "Defiled" (complete with crowd get-down, of course) & their godhead cover of the Stone’s “Summer Romance” with a medley of “Fuck It” tossed in the middle for flavor. Phew.

Me & Eric say

Aside from a small, yet dedicated core of very cool folks Columbus, Ohio is one giant, festering frat-house of utter douchebags soaked in Axe body spray and raised on MTV’s “The Real World”. After spending 20+ years going to shows there, of this I am certain. But that’s okay, for that night I literally pissed on Columbus, in a parking lot, behind a pizza joint. Urination was never so symbolic. I can still feel the pride. Every garbage dump has its glimmering jewel. The NBT and their comrades are Columbus’s. I salute them.