The Jimi Hendrix Spoken Word Tape

First it was Venom, and most recently Paul Stanley was given the honor, but now it’s Jimi Hendrix’s turn to step up to the mic for nuttin’ but raw stage banter! It’s right at thirty minutes and (as somebody who doesn’t do drugs) I felt absolutely intoxicated by the end of this.

‘Scuse me while I talk to the sky…..

In an attempt to "relax" the next few days, I think I’m gonna post a couple more weird esoteric mp3s like this before I leave for LA on Thursday. Oh, and did y’hear that The Police are gonna do a "wacky impromptu jam sesh" at the Grammies? Yeah, me and the wife have to endure that bit of commercialism. I’m sure I’ll survive. Anybody know where the cool coke parties at?

Jimi Hendrix – Spoken Word Tape