The Gossip: England’s Newest Tabloid Fodder?

So I got back from Europe last week and was shocked to see Beth from The Gossip everywhere I looked. Honestly, more power to her……but Beth? The Gossip? Did I miss something? I am completely gung ho for breaking female stereotypes, and Beth’s as good a candidate as anybody. So go for it, Beth!

When The Gossip played Chunklet’s SXSW party a few months ago, she was begging for a "We’re All In This Together" shirt and she was as sweet and down to earth as I’ve always known her to be. I reckon you can’t take the Arkansas out of a girl, huh?

I guess when it comes to the British press, there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason, but seeing a headline read "Beth Ditto says: I Love My Lesbian Porn Collection" it’s like, did I just step through a weird time portal? However, every once in a while, the NME and their equally shit mongering bretheren cling onto something that I think is actually worthy of checking out, and The Gossip fits the bill.

….ah, the British press…..

Hell, I remember saying similar things when Nirvana "broke" so I guess it just shows both how old and how behind the times I am.

So in honor of The Gossip, I’m posting this Peel Session they did a few years back.

The Gossip – Eyes Open (Peel Session)

The Gossip – Jason’s Basement (Peel Session)

The Gossip – Ain’t It The Truth (Peel Session)

The Gossip – Yesterday’s News (Peel Session)