The DUSTdevils

I think I’m showing my age with this post, but what a fucking band. Michael from the DUSTdevils has been gracious enough to post the band’s entire recorded output through his own website for free download. I really don’t know what to say about this band as I’ve always put them as kind of an indescribable force. A show in Pittsburgh and then later at a shit-box loft in Baltimore were the only times I got to see them and thankfully, I did. Further reaffirming the fact that living in the South keeps those ‘cult’ type bands away, I don’t reckon the DUSTdevils ever played down south once I moved here.

"Rhenyard’s Grin" is a common dollar bin find, but I still wonder why. It, along with "Struggling Electric + Chemical", are total keepers. I guess people are too interested in finding Animal Collective bootlegs instead of digging deep in the back catalogs of better (and more significantly talented) bands.

DUSTdevils were peers of bands that went on to have ‘legacies’ like Rhys Chatham, Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth and other legacy-free bands like Live Skull and Rat At Rat R…. Funny how time and place can trivialize or mythologize an artist.

Download all this DUSTdevils stuff for yourself and tell me I’m wrong. This is one of the most under appreciated bands from the late 80’s/early 90’s. Hopefully having these records for free download might help remedy that problem.