The Derek Tape

Yet another glimpse into the twisted fucked up tape collection here at Chunklet HQ. Known almost exclusively as the back story behind the naming of Olympia’s Tight Bros From The Way Back When, this recording provides an extended phone call between a record store employee and a wrecked drug casualty named Derek. All I was able to discover (thru Jared, now currently of Melvins/Big Business) is that Sean Kelly from the band was the one to get this tape initially. How’s that for research?

Live at Fallout Records (none of these guys are Derek), photo by Tim Hayes

Listening to this can be almost like the "Love Boat" game, but instead of drinking every time you see a sweeping shot of the boat exterior, drink every time Derek says "bro" or "brah". Drink double when he mentions PCP.

And yes, I have a voracious appetite for these types of recordings. Hit me up if you have any to share.