The BBQ Killers “Live Ass”

So what I know about this live recording is minimal. I dug it up on a torrent search and well, it is what it is. It’s definitely a board tape from the Uptown Lounge and I can tell that Dave Barbe is playing with them. They even do a Sonics cover, so it can’t be all bad.

And not to sound like a big shot, but I see Arthur (BBQ Killers drummer, later of the way underrated Come) all the time at my local grocery store….and nowhere else.

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Oh, and be sure to check out the shit hot video footage from the Killers final gig too. Shot by Ted Hafer (RIP).

BBQ Killers live at the 40 Watt Club.

BBQ Killers – His or Hearse

BBQ Killers – Summer Lovin’

BBQ Killers – Psycho

BBQ Killers – Green Jeans

BBQ Killers – Your Steaming Asshole Is Fogging Up My Glasses

BBQ Killers – Blood Brother

BBQ Killers – Womb To Tomb

BBQ Killers – Holy Fucking Jesus Christ

BBQ Killers – Exit This Frozen Skin Graft

BBQ Killers – Use It Or Lose It