Sex Education – America’s Final Downfall!

What do Hitler, John Lennon, The Graduate, Dr. Spock, Rome, Homos, Weed, LSD, Sex Farms, Socialism, Commies, Rosemary’s Baby, Bestiality, Witchcraft, Necrophilia, the Marques de Sade and being taught the word ‘fuck’ (officially) in your 7th grade class all have in common?

this was your go-to guy?

Legendary screen creepo John Carradine…that’s what!
Or more specifically one Mr. John Steinbacher, M.A. – who according to somebody, somewhere in 1969 was "America’s Leading Authority on the Sex Education Program in the Public Schools"

that chick is hot….er, uh, nevermind.

JC narrates this kooks alarmist diatribe and it’s a howl. Now take your filthy hands off yer junk for 2 lousy seconds and learn something. Click if you dare!
(Please submit your favorite quotes and vote if you’d like to hear side two. And sorry for the noise, these records don’t fall outta trees ya know!)

POST SCRIPT: I would like to note personally that I was born in 1969, the year of this LP’s release and apparently grew up right in the middle of all this evil. Well, I can state with the utmost certainty that I am a 100% perfectly well adjusted necrophilic serial killer, so there.

1969-The Child Seducers-Side 1