Score One For The Flaming Lips

This comes from my buddy Andy Harward. Man, it’s like a week full of crew dudes contributing to the site!

Flaming Lips shirt (front)

Andy writes: "So one of our drivers just got off tour with the Lips and brought this in. [It’s] pretty amazing!  Apparently the local dudes loved them too. In case you can’t make out the text on the back of the shirt from the pic, it reads: " I LOADED IN WITH THE FLAMING LIPS AND THEY WERE A BUNCH OF PUSSIES" and then in lower case: " Thanks to all the great load in/out crews of the world "  They caricature is of a ogre looking crew dude and then 4 pussies with arms and legs! with an arrow and text "band" !!!"

Flaming Lips shirt (back)

Man, leave it to the Flaming Lips to come up with yet another inventive gimmick. And hey, can anybody score me one of these?