Tar “1988-1995” VINYL-FREE VERSION


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Want the music? Don’t know what to do with vinyl? We have a very limited amountthat we’re selling that include a download code, the jacket, sticker and 8pp insert. Perfect to those that don’t know what a record player is.


• Mailorder copies include Tar matches and vintage Tar ticket stubs from the band’s archive

• Contains every non-12” vinyl release by Tar, including all singles, compilation tracks, unreleased, and a 1992 Peel Session, and covers of songs by Pere Ubu (“Non-Alignment Pact”), Jawbox (“Static”), AC/DC (“Hell’s Bells”), and Dobie Gray/Bryan Ferry (“The In Crowd”)

• Download code (MP3 or FLAC) included

• Bonus digital download features Want/Need, over two hours of live Tar recordings from the band’s archives, spanning every period in the band’s development.

• Aluminum guitars sound best

“… architecturally loud songs, deceptively simple indictments with fine-tuned precision … a great surprise to anyone looking for a direction in rock music that builds upwards and inwards all at once.”

– Doug Mosurock, Still Single