Prank Call: Black Metal Band

You know, it’s really crazy how ten years can blow by. Yesterday I got a text message from the person responsible for this here crank call that landed on my hard drive a decade ago. Yeah, time flies.

So in 2000, as with all their tours before or since, Les Savy Fav were staying at my pad over on Boulevard after one of their shows at the EARL. A guitarist from a previous tour, John Schmersal (Brainiac/Enon), had been collecting calls and, of course, the Fav had to give me the treasure trove. That same collection is responsible for me meeting one Bob Schriner who has become a profound influence in my life, let alone a friend and Chunklet contributor. But that’s for a different time.

But this call is one in a series from one fella who also did the "Photos Or Somethin’" and "Wolf Dog" recordings which, if you’re nice, I’ll one day share on this site. I know that this particular call has been in my life for ten years, but I rarely hear people talk about it. I remember giving a CD of the Schmersal calls to Brann from Mastodon and shortly afterwards, they actually used part of this specific call as a live sample intro to one of their songs on tour. Well, at least for a while they did. And why wouldn’t they? Mocking black metal will never be not funny, and hey, the call itself is completely unhinged!

And so now Schmersal is on tour with Caribou and I get a call from him asking to burn him a copy of these calls and it jump started my motivation in getting this call up on the site.

Me and the rest of the band of Chunklet misfits are finishing up the new book as I type this so just know that future blog postings are impending, but we’ve got priorities. Know what I mean?

Now enjoy this slab of hilarity!

Black Metal Band Prank Call