Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography

Before the Melvins Lite set a Guinness World Record by playing all 50 states (plus DC) in 51 days (which really doesn’t seem that impressive compared to their 2006 American tour), they’re playing Canada. And before Canada, they stopped by NYC for a special Amphetamine Reptile show celebrating the opening of Haze XXL’s Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography art gallery centered around a Melvins/Hammerhead picture discs done by various artists.

PMNRP Gallery. Photos by Matt Adams.

Tickets came printed on the back of a very limited Melvins/Seawhores 12". Essentially we were seeing the Melvins in a packed basement. Apart from being no room to move, unbearable heat, and limited vision (I’m very short and didn’t even realize that Trevor was dressed like Angus Young until I saw the pictures), it was a pretty awesome show.  Luckily the Melvins played first and a few people cleared out and made it slightly more comfortable for the other bands of the night: Gay Witch Abortion, Seawhores, and Hammerhead.

Melvins at the Lit Lounge

The Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography is at the Toy Tokyo Underground in the East Village through this weekend. If you can’t make it you can check out the art here.

We have a lot more pictures of the gallery and the bands that I’ll link up when they’re ready.

Below is a download of a few songs from AmRep’s 25th anniversary CD:

Hammerhead at the Lit Lounge

Gay Witch Abortion – Human Composting (The Wave of the Future)

Melvins w/Haze XXL – Paraquat Plus

HOF w/Gay Witch Abortion – Die You Fuck