Plus 1 Athens, Atlanta & Georgia (aka “What’s Been Going On At Chunklet HQ?”)

Man, I’ve got to learn to update this site more often!

I’m very proud to say that I’m now fully divorced, and moving forth with all vigor and speed to what has been attracting me, which is…….

While I was working on the Pylon box a year or so ago, I started thinking a book of Athens show flyers would be a good idea. And while I was at it, I thought to myself it would be just as easy to to a book of Atlanta while I’m working on Athens. And well, that started in May 2021.

Since then, I’ve personally scanned over 13,000 pieces. Yes. You read that right. To those wondering how I scanned everything, it was done by yours truly using pretty darned good equipment.

Plus 1 Athens seemed like the most obvious place to start, so in August 2021 I started the book. By late October, it was out and sold out of the first printing of 500 within 3 weeks.

The Athens book is a love letter to a city I will always call home. I got show flyers dating from 1967 to 2003 with essays from both Michael and Vanessa from Pylon, Arthur Johnson from the BBQ Killers with a foreword by Dave Schools from Widespread Panic and an afterword by Patterson Hood from Drive-By Truckers. I think I knocked it outta the park.

With the proceeds of the Athens book, I decided to upgrade my scanner. Now I’m a fully self-contained scanning machine. Except the machine part. That’s the scanner.

That’s a photo Stephanie took of me in North Georgia scanning original Brains posters from the 70s. Pretty sweet stuff.

Anyway, the Atlanta book is going to print (fingers crossed) this week. After that happens, I start on the state of Georgia. Yes, the whole state.

In the meantime, you might be asking “How does this affect me, Henry?” Well, simply put, what do you have to add to the collection? And this isn’t just Georgia. No, I’ve already started preliminary work on a book of Alabama and have been asking around in both Pittsburgh and Baltimore to begin a book of those cities. So if you’re a Chunklet fan, this is the direction I’ve been going in recently. Preservation. Gotta say, it’s fun.

That’s not to say I’ve not been putting out records and other nonsense. Silly! No, I’ve been doing that too! Go over to the Chunklet bandcamp site to see what’s up. During the pandemic I blew past 100 releases, so get with it.

Feel free to get in touch about anything. And again, sorry I didn’t update this thing for so long.