My Newest Excuse For Not Getting Things Done

Sunday was nuts. Got back to the hotel in Austin at 3:30a.m., just got an hour of sleep before hopping on a plane for Atlanta and then a connecting flight to Monroe, Louisiana. Touched down and immediately went an hour west of Monroe to pick up our new puppy.

Dave? Rudy? Udo? Uh…….how about

Got home from Louisiana around 9p.m. and immediately we’re adjusting to life with a puppy (again). God, I forget how much work they are.

Still debating on names. Sarah recommended "Paul" but I’m not feelin’ it. David Lee Roth was recommended……I’m still gunnin’ for Udo Dirkschneider. Then again, I’m the kinda guy to stick to my guns no matter hare brained they are.

Anyway, a full SXSW report is forthcoming. So much to absorb.