My Dog + Bradford + Fader = Famous

The day before he was to get his photo taken for Fader Magazine, Bradford was over at the house looking through records and basically bein’ best bros with our dog Bun E. Carlos. I jokingly suggested that he take his photo with Bun for the shoot and he immediately (and sincerely) concurred.

Bradford and Bun sprawling out in Grant Park

I had a doctor’s appointment at the predetermined time, so I just dropped Bun off with Cole Alexander from The Black Lips who was to interview Bradford. When I returned an hour later, the photographer was happy with the photos with Bun, but I didn’t know HOW good it turned out until I checked out Fader on Sunday on our way back from the airport.

With Sarah and me being the proud puppy parents that we are, we’ll have to (obviously) recommend you pick the new issue up. And who knows? You might actually care about Spank Rock or Band of Horses or whatever.