Mormon Rap

From reader James Bennett:

Many things about Mormon culture are regrettable, look no further than Mitt Romney to understand that.  One great thing about Mormons is their complete inability to adapt.  Case in point, a mormon take on rap, as recorded by the Walter & Hays Band in 1988. Though I never had a copy of the cassette, I think every single mormon kid in junior high heard it somewhere.  The band was made up of several balding, older gentlemen trying to take advantage of the rap music "fad".  I remember some bad cover art, and far too many mentions of copyright.

At Eastside Records in the mid 90’s, Bob Schriner [Chunklet contributor –ed] and I rediscovered the cassette, and would play it whenever we wanted to make skinheads leave the store.  For lyrics click here….

If for some reason you want a copy, try here.

Thanks, James! I found this video in a quick search on youtube. Very, um…..something.

Walter & Hays Band – Mormon Rap