Man…or Astro-Man? Release First 7″ in Ten Years To Support New Book

Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-Inch Records from the USA

I think I’ve obsessed about records since I bought my first one in the 70’s. And fortunately, I’ve been able to witness the growth of the 7" record subculture from the 80’s to now. And well, the new book "Touchable Sound" is exclusively dedicated to the special obsessives that make buying a 7" such a pleasurable experience. In other words, people that put out a piece of art and not just a sleeve and a record. Over a year ago, I was asked to write the foreword and introductory paragraphs for the book that is now out. Read about it here.

And so I was talking to the publishers about doing a release party in Georgia and an upcoming show with Man…or Astro-Man? seemed like an obvious event. And well, as a long time friend of theirs, I asked if they’d be interested in releasing a specially packaged record for sale with the book at the show. And wouldn’t you know, they said yes.

The record features the songs "Earth Station Radio" and "Updated Theme To Supercar". The packaging is pretty maddening. Encased in a static shield bag, the record is paired up with an honest to god circuit board and the bag is sealed with a sticker. Edition of 300.

Now, for those that don’t live in Georgia, there’s hope. You can purchase a bundle featuring the book (a $45 value) and the 7" for $39ppd in the US. I’m sure it’ll cost extra for Europe, but just contact the publisher and I’m sure they’ll sort you out. But hey, the book is a sight to behold and the record is……well, a sight to behold too!

Paypal $39 directly to mike at soundscreendesign dot com (obviously take out the ‘at’ and ‘dot’ and replace with ‘@’ and ‘.’, skeezix) and, hey, don’t say that Chunklet never did anything for you.

by Jay Ryan