Limbo District – Athens’ Biggest Puzzle (At Least To Me)

I lived in Athens for a majority of the 90’s, asked tons of old time locals and nobody could ever give me a straight answer about Limbo District. In the movie "Athens, GA-Inside/Out," they stand out as the one band that’s the most enigmatic. Shown in a Victorian style carnival movie shot by the legendary art teacher/film maker Jim Herbert, what you see is what you get of them in the movie. People gushing about them and a fraction of some of their abstract tunes. That’s it.

Limbo District from a Red & Black article

I’ve been scanning eBay for the better part of five years for anything by Limbo District. No dice. I have the band in my Google searches. Nothing. It seems like every attempt to find out about them ends up with a dead end.

However, this past week I stumbled upon the film by Jim Herbert that has been encoded in its entirety. Finally! Something!

I also ripped the audio from the movie and (with help from Sloan) edited the audio into four separate tracks for listening enjoyment.

Limbo District poster

Seeing as how this website has served as a clearing house for solving some nagging questions about releases or bands in the past, I’m hoping that such will be the case with Limbo District.

Tom Smith stated that Limbo District were the only Athens band that his band Boat Of ever identified with as being kindred spirits. Take that as you will.

I’ll open the comments up to anybody that might have any information, anecdotes or, hell, more recordings or insight as to what Limbo District was all about.

Limbo District set list (from the collection of Tom Smith)

Limbo District – A La Maison

Limbo District – Daydreaming

Limbo District – Rhythm Forward

Limbo District – Those Devil Eyes