Like It’s ’82 All Over Again… (Sex Vid: The Band)

(At the request of the label and band, I removed the studio Sex Vid track. When I did this, the entire post was deleted. All comments were deleted too. Sorry to take away from the discussion.)

To quote the estimable Terre T: "I didn’t fight in the punk rock trenches to let crap like Joanna Newsome become famous." I might be fudging the actual quote, but the sentiment is accurate.

There’s a lot of great things about current music, but one of the problems now is that music (popular underground music, that is) is being dictated by kids that don’t want to get their hands dirty. Everything is safe, sanitary and, worst of all, predictable.

Now, Sex Vid might not be the remedy to this problem, but it’s certainly part of the solution.  In an age where "hardcore" can mean the band is covered in sleeves of bad tattoos, dressed in all black with mascara and piercings all over the face, Sex Vid show what hardcore meant up until the point where suburbia misappropriated it.

Low rent? Sure. Lo fi? Definitely. But what’s the point of having it all be so polished?

After quickly snatching their first two singles, I started email correspondence with RJ from Sex Vid shortly thereafter and received a tape of their upcoming single in the mail.

Although I wouldn’t be one to discourage record sales in this day and age, I’m posting their "live" cassette with the band’s complete permission. And yes, they do a Dead C cover from the "Making Losers Happy" compilation from the early ’90s. I’ve also included the Dead C original along with one of the three SMOKIN’ (higher fidelity) tracks from Sex Vid’s soon-to-be released single on DOM.

Sex Vid – Under The Rug

Sex Vid – Misprint

Sex Vid – Suspended Daylight

Sex Vid – Tapped Out

Sex Vid – Bad Politics (Dead C cover)

Dead C – Bad Politics