Let’s Go, Blackhawks!

Now I know that Chunklet isn’t the appropriate forum to champion my sports teams, but I found a loophole. It is primarily the website I use to make fun of bands. And I’ve spent a good deal of the past eight years making fun of Ministry.

So I always find that there are a lot of Ministry and Blackhawk fans not aware of this abortion. So I sometimes enjoy digging it out for a laugh before I get bored and watch the Calgary Flames video from the 80’s.

Jorgensen gave this song to the Blackhawks as a theme song three years ago. It kind of sounds like if someone was making a low budget film and wanted to use Rock and Roll pt 2, but Gary Glitter is asking for way too much money because he’s in a Thai prison again so they got Marylin Manson’s (more?) retarded brother to write a song that doesn’t sound enough like RRp2 to get sued. Enjoy. But not too much. Sorry.