Leroy Mercer

From the "It’s Been Sitting On My Office Desk For Too Damned Long Department" it’s the legendary Leroy Mercer tape.

Judging from the accent, you’re talking about people from around Knoxville, Tennessee. Yeah, real down-home country types who are probably a stone’s throw from where The Carter Family recorded their first records And in the age before caller ID, being able to trace a call or even getting the cops involved, a simple guy could harass endlessly. And God bless him.

Yes, that’s the font-that-can’t-be-named….”Sand”. Hate that damned font.

The liner notes to this CD are rather dubious, so I’ll just let the recordings speak for themselves.

Thanks to Billy for snagging this for me. Sorry it took so long to get around to posting it.

John Mercer – Eddie’s Auto

John Mercer – C&C Auto

John Mercer – 357 Shells

John Mercer – Lt Gentry

John Mercer – Pigs

John Mercer – Thom McCann’s