Legay “Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana”

Received this morning from Andrew Male at Mojo. He writes:

"If you think ‘So Cold In The D’ is catchy… Check this out! Not a parody!

Surely the standout track on the latest UK psych whimsy comp through the MOJO doors. A Feb. 1998 Leicester Mercury article describes Legay as "Tamla fans in make-up with songs like Vacuum Cleaner Mother and Steam Driven Banana who released a single on Fontana Records in the heady days of hippy. The band evolved into another called Gypsy, and last year Legay founder member Legay Rogers died of asbestosis just before Christmas."

…of COURSE they’re from Leicester writing about bananas!

Taken from ‘Treacle Toffee World – Further Adventures Into the Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969’ on the RPM Retrodisc label.

Find out more about Legay/Gypsy here.

Legay – Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana