Kraftwerk – Bremen Radio ’71

One of the many perks over my month or so touring in support of The Overrated Book was meeting fellow freaks across the country. And without exception, Shake It in Cincinnati is home to one of my favorite freaks. So, Billy Carter? This one’s for you, buddy!  

God, cool record store employees rule….

So I get an impassioned email last week from Billy (no relation to the beer) saying to strap myself in for the most essential and/or damaged bootleg ever. And I wait. And it shows up. And I put it in my CD player. And you know what? He’s absolutely 100% right. I sure hope you can read the liner notes ‘coz I sure as hell ain’t typin’ it in.  

I know I made this point in a previous entry, but Shake It Records currently ranking as one of my top 3 record stores in the country. I’m sorry, fellas, but I’m not including Amoeba in this listing because that’s just unfair. Including Amoeba is like including Powell’s Books in Portland when talking about book stores. It’s just crooked pool. Oh, and in case you’re wondering other great record stores (in an attempt to size up my tastes) I’d have to include Princeton Record Exhange, Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh (where I spent 80% of my student loan checks) and, of course, Aquarius Records. I’ve been to my share of record stores. There’s plenty of others. Other Music, Sonic Boom, Waterloo, Jackpot, Twisted Village…. But damn, Billy just was too quick to let me go look thru their untouched stock in the back and well…..I’m only human. I think I spent $350 when I was there last month and I still feel like I got the deal of the century. Any other recommendations for record stores? Anybody?

Kraftwerk – Heavy Metal Kids

Kraftwerk – K1

Kraftwerk – K2 (Ruckzuck)

Kraftwerk – K3

Kraftwerk – K4