Hell Hath Frozen Over: Chunklet To Go Go on Vice

Hey stranger. How goes it?

Well, I’m sure many are wondering (or possibly trying just to ignore) what’s going on over at Chunklet HQ. All I can say is ‘tons’. Working on new records, the Indie Cred Test for Penguin, the Codeine box set design, and of course, The Jesus Lizard "Book" project. So yeah, busy. And did I mention I’ve got an 11 month old demon-in-training?

In the interim, the jokers at Vice have asked for us (meaning Chunklet contribs) to poison their site. And hey, what do we have to lose? So a handful of writers (including yours truly) have penned venom for those Viacom stooges. And yes, they pay, like, way better than any alt-weekly ever has. *cough*

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