Harvey Milk “Anthem” DVD Gets Reissued!

Hey internet. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I went on a much needed vacation with my wife down to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Holy jeebus it was awesome. And I only brought enough swine flu back for myself, so quit askin’ for some!

In Chunklet news though, there’s a new release comin’ down the pike!

A limited edition of 500 2xDVD deluxe reissue of this classic from 2006.

"FOUR STARS!" “[Anthem is] a true labor of love, it collects three-and-a-half hours’ worth (44 songs) of live footage from ’93 to ’05, showcasing the trio at its atavistic best: destroying guitars, using sledgehammers as instruments, and beating gongs with flaming drumsticks. Watch, and welcome to the cult.”

“Release of the Week!” “Four long years in the making, and it was worth every single second. They are without a doubt one of the greatest bands of the last 20 years!”   
Aquarius Records

“A” “A scolding revelation. It’s a salient reminder of giving praise where praise is due, at home in this puppet show land, where everything has got God’s hand up its ass.”   
Stylus Magazine

“Standard” version

DVD #1:
Original "Anthem" DVD is a 3+ hour, 44 song live documentary chronicles the band HARVEY MILK from their first shows in early 1993 to their stint of reunion shows in 2005. Shot almost entirely on broadcast quality television cameras, ANTHEM is a mandatory release for any fan of the band or any fan of metal, avant-garde or plain old rock and roll.

DVD #2:
A special DVD with over an hour of previously unreleased material. Included is an essential multi-camera pro shot video of the band playing to a full house at their final show with drummer Paul Trudeau at the 40 Watt in 2006 opening for the Melvins. Also featured is another show from the Caledonia Lounge in 2005 and, oh let’s say, a couple nifty goodies…

“Special” version available only at

The updated packaging was lovingly designed by Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate, KTL), with updated liner notes by Chunklet Magazine publisher Henry Owings.

The DVD is not available until mid-May, but get in on this now before they disappear (again).