Getaway Car

The pedigree of this three piece group is absolutely undeniable:

Mike Fellows (guitar): Rites of Spring, Happy Go Licky, Miighty Flashlight and backing member of GI, Silver Jews, Royal Trux and Will Oldham (among others).

Guy Picciotto (drums): Rites of Spring, Happy Go Licky, One Last Wish, Black Light Panthers, Brief Weeds, record producer and recent back-up musician for Vic Chesnutt.

Kim Thompson (guitar): Cupid Car Club and The Delta 72.

The music definitely has all of the players unique thumbprint on this recording. Okay, perhaps not Guy so much (compared to his guitar work) but I’d actually say this is an aspiring DC-flavored Royal Trux-type band at first listen.

But what else do I know about this band? Absolutely nothing.

Cassette insert (outside)

Seeing as how Happy Go Licky were a band that only existed off board tapes from the 9:30 Club and DC Space, it seems fitting that yet another part of the Fellows/Picciotto body of work is yet another mysterious board tape that was officially released on Kim Thompson’s Rodeo Recordings whose goal was "dedicated to making available music that might not otherwise be released, such as bands that have now dissolved, project bands and live tapes." And well, that would describe this second Rodeo release. And FYI, the first Rodeo release was a tape called "Rodeo Riders #1" which was a compilation of DC artists and will eventually find its way on this site.

Cassette insert (inside)

So yes, that’s all anybody (other than the players) know about Getaway Car. This clocks in as yet another "holy shit!" entry into the now legendary Chris Thomson ’09 tape dump. So again, thanks Chris.

I have an additional Getaway Car live show from the 9:30 Club (different set) that depending on reaction to this I’ll post at some later date.

Can you fill in any pieces to this puzzle? Then post it in the comments section.

the tape.

Getaway Car – Whatever You’re Hard On

Getaway Car – Knockout Artist

Getaway Car – Hey Saturn

Getaway Car – Fuck On Off

Getaway Car – Kreem Me Man

Getaway Car – Sony Radio

Getaway Car – I’m Not So Strange

Getaway Car – He’s My Thing

Getaway Car – Thanks for the Time of Day