George Carlin R.I.P.

The thing that is most disappointing about George Carlin’s career and his death is that the mainstream media will only remember him for his "Seven Words" material and not the inarguably brilliant and venomous nuggets that have spewed from him since the 80’s. You can read anything you want about him on the internet, but I think it best to know Carlin as one of the only comedians (possibly only comedian?) that got better as he entered his senior years. I saw him perform a lot, and he was always top notch. Although I’d like to think he’ll be missed, he certainly wouldn’t care. A nihilist philosopher, oh, and he was funny to boot. He died at 71 and was one of my great personal inspirations.

I’ve included his final in-depth interview conducted by Jeni Matz.

To prove my point about his later material, I’ve included bits about God, Americans, germs and the stupidity of human life.

George Carlin – Free Floating Hostility

George Carlin – Why We Don’t Need 10 Commandments

George Carlin – Extreme Human Behavior

George Carlin – Dumb Americans

George Carlin – There Is No God

George Carlin – Fear of Germs