Dust Off That Gas Station Jacket, Kid! Universal Order Of Armageddon To Reunite!

It’s kinda hard not to say that Universal Order of Armageddon were one of the real stand-outs of early 90’s hardcore the same way that you can’t mention UOA in the same breath as Born Against. They were both just so important and influential at the same time. I don’t think Gravity Records would even have existed without UOA. Or is that too bold a statement?

I was lucky enough to see UOA at a warehouse party in Baltimore over the holidays in….’94? Much like you’d expect me to say, they were a band that weren’t even remotely appreciated during their existence, but now? They’re considered…..titans, I guess?

Anyway, I would’ve just let their reunion be mentioned in bigger avenues, but I’ve not seen a peep of it anywhere. And well, you gotta prepare for your summer road trips, right?

UOA live. c James Bertram

The kind folks at Wham City have UOA reuniting on Saturday July 24 at Whartscape. Twin Stumps are even on the same stage! Yeah, I know, get pumped! And well, seeing as how one of the tapes from the legendary Chris Thomson 2009 Tape Dump was a tape simply saying "Universal Order of Armageddon DC March ’94" on it I thought I’d include these live snippets of the band. I’m guessing this tape ended up in Chris’s mitts because UOA drummer Brooks Headley went on to play in Mr. Thomson’s Skull Control. So there…

Okay, Baltimore, kudos. But what’s next? Moss Icon doing a tour with Reptile House?

Universal Order Of Armageddon – live1

Universal Order Of Armageddon – live2

Universal Order Of Armageddon – live3