DRUMROLL PLEASE: AxCx Song Title Contest Winner!

After long hours, nay…days, of consulting an array of experts from every State and many Nations around the globe, with marathon sessions of debate, arguments, and mediation, pot after pot of black coffee and pack after pack of smokes, with charts, graphs and mathematical formulas, yet no fisticuffs, we have determined the winning entry in the Chunklet AxCx Song Title Contest:

"Windchimes Are Gay" IS THEE GREATEST AxCx SONG TITLE EVER! As Posted by MacDara @ 07/21/2010 07:59 PM!

This proud winner will get to write their very own AxCx song title, have it written, recorded, granted liner note credits and of course greased a free copy of the 7" when complete. Oh the glory! This is all part of much broader undertaking, details as they become available from the powers that be.


There were many great entries but that one just sealed it. After all, what’s better than to slur an inanimate object? The second place prize of the other stupid 7" (be it Jimmy Eat World or The Mighty Mighty Bossstones) could be available to any of these oh so close runners up: (Hit us up via the contact page, maybe we can make the magic happen?)

Women: Nature’s Punching Bag
Posted by Derek @ 07/24/2010 09:37 PM

"You Have Goals"
Posted by Stoat Mixen @ 07/19/2010 01:25 AM

Being a Cobbler Is Dumb
Posted by Adam D’Andrea @ 07/18/2010 11:37 AM

"Being Ignorant Is Awesome"
Posted by hensley @ 07/24/2010 09:44 PM

"I Ate Your Horse"
Posted by pdf @ 07/18/2010 02:44 PM

Look for the FULL DETAILS of the AxCx project which you can still get in on courtesy of Limited Appeal Records. – just click the Seth Putnam Contest Tab! Thanks for playing, you should all be very, very proud of yourselves. Except for that one dick.

(Runner-up prizes have all been claimed, contest here complete, check the LAR link for other goodies via them.)