Don Caba-rotzmann’s Massaker “Dick Schlaf”

So I’m sitting here trying to write the introduction to the Rock Bible. I know, real important stuff. iTunes shuffles up with "Schlaf" by Caspar Brötzmann’s Massaker and I was taken back to a time back in 1995 when I was swearing up and down (in a pre-internet sense, that is) that Don Caballero shamelessly cribbed from Mr. Brötzmann for their righteous jam "Dick Suffers Is Furious With You."

Mr. Br?tzmann (sans Massaker)

I’ll let you decide. There’s absolutely no shame in cribbing from other artists and I don’t know what the exact intent of this posting is. I’m still buddies with Don Cab, but I’m sure they’d admit to a bit of you-know-what.

What is it? Talent borrows, Genius steals? I don’t know. I do remember around 1994, a very pluckish Caballero at my house in Athens obsessing over all of the Massaker albums at the house.

No matter how you slice it, both bands fucking rule.

Don Cab version 2.0 (or 8.6, I can’t tell)

Anyway, I think I’m gonna take another crack at the intro to the Bible. Wish me luck.

Caspar Br?tzmann Massaker – Schlaff

Don Caballero – Dick Suffers Is Furious With You