Dear Rock Star….

We’re coming up with a list called "Dear Rock Star" for the next issue which is a list in question form asking an artist/band why they did one stupid thing or another.

Here’s a few examples:

"Dear REM, Why did it take you 14 years to figure out that people wanted you to shut up and rock?"

"Dear Bob Mould, why do you insist on DJing without a shirt on? You have ex-fat guy skinny guy belly."

"Dear Juno Soundtrack, why did you make the world a place where I can’t escape the childish out-of-tune ramblings of the Moldy Peaches?"

GVSB, why did you make this piece of garbage?

"Dear Ladyhawk, why are you guys so afraid of taking showers?"

"Dear MOJO editors, why do you insist on the miniscule revolving door of having the Clash, Oasis, Pink Floyd, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and The Smiths on your magazine covers?"

I think that’s more than enough to go from. Put all suggestiosn and/or entries in comments.