Crime At San Quentin

To say that Crime were a band ahead of their time would make you think that music has actually caught up to them by now. A scattered discography has never given the band their due, but you can find bits and pieces out there in either semi-legit or semi-bootleg form. A stellar "where are they now" interview is over at Perfect Sound Forever.

Hank Rank & Johnny Strike at Amoeba

In the late 70’s or early 80’s, Crime performed at San Quentin and it was filmed for Target Video. Then, as legend has it, the video was released and then almost immediately, there was a fire at the Target Video warehouse and the Crime video was never seen again. I’ve been looking for a VHS or DVD version of this for YEARS, but now this has crept up on YouTube.

I’ve included a couple mp3s of the band’s "hits" from their late 70’s singles. Billy, you got any copies to trade or sell or give away?

Crime – Murder By Guitar

Crime – Hotwire My Heart

Crime – Baby You’re So Repulsive