Comedians of Comedy – Troubadour Night One

You know, I remember the first Comedians of Comedy show at the El Rey being the World Series of Comedy, so I don’t know what to call this show. What? The Super Bowl of the World Series of the Cream of the Comedy Crop Mega-Blowout something or other? God damn, two nights of unparalleled hilarity. So much to go through, but anybody who follows stand-up with any sort of interest will know the names the second they’re mentioned.

Brian and his “freshies” for the first night

The core of past CoC tours were on the bill (Patton, Posehn, Bamford, Zach G., and Eugene), but the add-ons were just jaw-dropping. David Cross and Jon Benjamin, Bob Odenkirk, Morgan Murphy, Blaine Capatch and Doug Benson filled out the show and it clocked in at around 3 hours. Zach’s "Tomorrow" bit completely destroyed and (again) looked like Rip Taylor’s pockets were emptied on the stage.

Brian, Maria, Bob Odenkirk & Eugene backstage at the Troub

I guess I should mention that this was all being filmed for some DVD release of some kind. Not sure who’s putting it out, but it’ll be out by summer (or so I’ve been told).

The L’il Guy and his lovely wife Michelle