Chunklet’s Starting A New Book (And We Want You To Help)

So a couple years ago, Chunklet came out with our second book, The Rock Bible. It was fueled largely by Chunklet staffers (Teasley being the main one), and quickly involved people from all over the world. And you know what? It was great! Even if people had one line to add, it all helped and it strengthened the Chunklet community. The crazy thing about The Rock Bible, though, was that it was completed (for the most part) in nine weeks of me sitting at Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points here in Atlanta and sifting through the never-ending assault of emails and comments on the Chunklet site. It was a blast!

And now, dear Chunklet reader/fan/writer/nerd/whatever, the time has come for us to embark on our next big project. I’m reluctant to divulge what the subject of the new book will be until it’s more organized, but I’m again soliciting our readership for assistance because, well, anybody that would want to write for us must think they’re pretty good. But you know what? We’ll be the judge of that…. Kidding. We’re not that harsh. It just seems that way.

But yes, there will be more than a number of places for individual writers to shine with "articles" or "chapters" but there will also be TONS of opportunities for people with knowledge in areas such as geography and history to help.

I’m really excited about this new project, and I really look forward to all that get in touch. Feel free to email me and catch the fever!