CHUNKLET 15 Day 1 (part 2)

I gave a heartfelt introduction to Deerhunter after the hellish day that I had. My introduction mostly involved my good friend Josh McKay and the call I got from him as I came into Athens talking about the hellish day that HE just had. After realizing that he had the SWAT team come and forcibly get a woman and her retarded son out of his house which they had barricaded themselves inside of, I thought better of my bad day. But so much for that…..

Blah Blah Blah @ 40 Watt ’08, c Mike White

Deerhunter scattered on stage and played a handful of new jams and seemed to have a good time.

After the show I had 3 of the folks from Deerhunter come up and apologize for their performance that night, but I didn’t quite get why they were so apologetic. Sometimes I think they’re getting semi-neurotic about doing anything less than a great show. Oh well.

Deerhunter @ 40 Watt ’08, c Mike White

The festivities trailed over (as they always do) to the owner of the 40 Watt’s house, Barrie Buck, where I cashed my chips in relatively early. I was in desperate need of my facilities for the next night. Game day people were already clogging downtown and with Posehn coming? I wanted to be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Hit the hay in the "Henry & Sarah Commenorative Suite" (aka The Tangerine Dream") room after saying good night to my brother in law, Pete and the various GJAHM and girlfriends who were still burning it at both ends downstairs.

Deerhunter @ 40 Watt ’08, c Mike White