Chunklet 13th pictures – #1

Let the photo posting begin….. So much to say…

Yow and h2o (photo by Ryan Russell)

These pix were all taken at Whirlyball Atlanta on Sunday night. Yow totally threw down on the Whirlyball court, but Buzz was apprehensive. It was only at 2a.m. that he decided to join and it was the exact moment the courts were shut down. Next time, Buzz.

Yow and h2o (photo by Ryan Russell)

And depending on how you count Team Melvins (Porn, Big Business, Melvins, Altamont, etc.) we could’ve chalked up another 4 victories, but we’ll take the high road and just say it was just one more for the victory column. What does that put us at now? 26 and 0. Our next match is a revenge rally with Death Cab and Ted Leo. And yes, I am nervous.

Buzz and h2o (photo by Ryan Russell)