Challenge: Name 5 Good To Great 10″ Records

Okay, so the guys at Chunklet are nerds. Deal with it.

But when discussions talk about record nerdisms, it gets heated. And this one? Well, it takes the cake.

It’s a challenge to name 5 good to great 10" records. Doesn’t have to be a classic. A stone cold essential. Just something that you’ve kept over the years.

On my record shelves? I think I have 15 10" records. Why? Well, most of them are given the heave ho.

Seriously, start a list. Man Or Astroman?’s "1000X", the Pavement 10", the two Oblivians 10"s, and then? Well, the list dwindles.

I open the floor.

Pavement’s debut 10″….Good and/or Great?


I mean, really?