A Damn Fine Read….

A number of people have been asking where the updates to the site have been and to be frank, I’ve just been massively busy. I’m getting the new issue completed (yes, that only took 3 years), the Rock Bible’s about to come out, a few records to put out, shows to promote, the wife and I are nerding out on Battlestar Galactica and we have a new dog that needs lovin’. Oh, and then there’s the "grown up" work that everybody else has that I have as well.

However, in the "down times" I’ve been reading. And yes, I have a few minutes to extoll the virtues of this great book about the No Wave scene in NYC in the late 70’s. Both of the authors require zero introduction, but man, what a rock solid piece of journalism they’ve created! Superior photographs, great interviews (including a 4-pager with Brian Eno!) and very little self-congratulatory spiel from either author. Organizationally, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen and the design of the book is, in a word, stunning.

Worth getting? Oh, you betcha.