YouTube Videos Steal Part Chimp Music

This week Part Chimp got some mysterious mail from new fans who really loved their "new videos on YouTube."  Strangely enough, Part Chimp hasn’t put up any new videos (other than live footage) since sometime last year. The lads found upon further investigation that 2 amateurish videos had been made from existing McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s advertisements.

tim of part chimp

Singer / Guitarist Tim Chimp: "Which bleeding heart liberal cunt took me on their arsehole mission? You can put me on the greenpeace warrior boat or you can chew bricks; either way you lose your teeth. Fucking poetry mate. Seriously, though, I don’t really get what these people on YouTube think our music has to do with middle class american twats spitting in food or prancing scrubbers eating it."

Part Chimp, it seems isn’t the only band getting their songs taken to make these videos which are being posted randomly by several different accounts. In fact, the 2 chimp videos appear to have been posted with other bands’ music underneath earlier last week.
Guitarist Iain H.: "I didn’t think they were so bad. It would have been nice if they’d asked. It would also have been nice to see something original, but the next video it asks you to watch is the same images only with some horrible Tool shite backing it up. The "I’m Eatin’ Shit!" part was funny enough, but have some respect. If the view count goes up into the millions, Google had better set some more money aside for us, too."