Worst Song Of The Week: “Spread The Word”

(From the "This Is Tiger Country" Auburn University ‘A Nashville Salute’ LP)

I spent 6 long years on the smelliest village of the plains, and I managed to never see a single play of the Auburn Tigers. On game day in Auburn 85,000-plus fans would descend on the town, and you could hear the game announcers and drunken crowd yelping from 3 miles away. Nonetheless, we constantly had punk rock house parties shut down by cops due to “noise” ordinances. What a crock-pot of runny-leg crap! I actually have a another Auburn football record where quarter back Randy Campbell sings about what a great running back Bo Jackson is—almost like they’re lovers–which they would have been if Bo hadn’t had buttock muscles that were tighter than a fly’s ass. Look though, don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of my time at Auburn, hell, I still owe $700 in parking tickets for parking in front of the radio station during school hours. Yet football was sort of the nemesis of everything we tried to pull off, and the players themselves were more cock sucky than a gay crack addict with a dick already in their mouth. Ken Sanderson’s Alumni Hunting Season flyer for the Mystery Playhouse Radio Show is still a landmark of punk rock iconography. Coach Pat Dye looking over a dead fan with a shotgun while bending over on Toomer’s Corner. Pure Brilliance.

Oh, so the lyrics state at one point, “I could play for Nebraska?” Yeah, right only if you want to be play fagball instead of football. The only thing faggier than Omaha Brand Emo is Nebraska’s football program. God, I hope Garth sees this. Anyway, Spread the Word was sung by Bobby Harden and produced by Tom Cook–may there souls rot morbidly underneath Bryant-Denny stadium in Tuscaloosa. The song is actually one of the better ones on the “This Is Tiger Country” LP from 1981. I probably should have posted “There’s Must A Hole In Your Defensive Line.” It is a classic worthy of a new torture tape. War Fucking Beagle assholes!

Spread The Word – Auburn University