Worst Song Of The Week: Rocky The Robot


Get ready non-believers, imagine a world, a world where robots know…THE ALPHABET! That’s right, a through zed without pause. But that’s not all. Also imagine in that world, that he is introduced by some crackpot, bad British accented goofball thespian. Okay, also in that same world kids love sing (out of key and not in that general kids always sing out of key way) the answer in the call-and-response of the robot’s monotoned alphabet recital. Oh yeah, and the music they sing over sounds like Jerry Reed’s “Sugar Foot Rag” from the Texas Bound and Flyin’ LP. Not since Rosemary’s Baby have black people been this scared! Yes, that what we have in store for this week. A production so cheap they didn’t even get a vocoder to do Rocky Robot’s voice. The lp this comes from is the For Laughing Out Loud…and for singing out loud, too! Volume 2. It’s a Pickwick International production from ’78, which as far as I know only did lame kid’s records like this one. Henry had dirty panties of the brain from just hearing this one two times in a row…

Rocky The Robot – Sings The Alphabet