Worn-out Review Words for Hack Critics (Then Again, Aren’t All Critics Hack?)

Yet another part to the Bible which I’m hoping to wrap up this week. Jordan Mamone and Sean Howe did an article about this in Issue 15 back in 2000 or so, but I’m sure it needs to be revamped by now…..

Here’s a smidge of words……
sonics (as a noun)
sonic (as an adj; of course it’s sonic, it’s a fucking record)
hip (and, of course, überhip)
sound (as in a band’s…)
stoner rock
deliver (bands are not mailmen; they do not deliver music)
here (as in “here, Ricky Martin melds spicy Latin rhythms and ska-influenced horns”’; a record is not a place, asshole)
serve up

Obviously, post any words in the comments section. We’re all ears!