Whoever Designed And Composed This Should Get Cancer of the AIDS of the Leukemia of The Face

In the time I’ve been selling records on eBay, I’ve run across some neurotic folks. But man, NOW there’s this handy little PDF that’s circulating around the net to grind the gears of anybody that KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING better than any of these shitheels.

Anybody ever heard how 78 collectors ship ONE record? It’s one wooden crate with the record suspended inside and the crate is suspended inside ANOTHER crate. Fucking nerds.

….okay, now fuck off and leave me alone, nerd!

On a more positive note, I just posted a mountain of posters straight from Mr. Rusk onto eBay. Rapeman, Big Black, Buttholes, Die Kreuzen (!!!!), Killdozer (!?!?!), Didjits, Urge Overkill, Hyenas, The Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid and many others. It’s been an absolute THRILL to circulate these for Corey.

Record packing PDF