Whirlyball Update: The Shins

They come up to Roswell after a night of rockin’ the kids of Georgia, they get a night of fun in bumper cars and then the "official" game happens and then everybody but Team Chunklet walks home a loser. This time? The Shins!

Team Chunklet & Team Shins

Sure, they can fill up the local civic arena, sure they get teenage girl’s hearts a’twitter, but do they have team skills? Uh, sure? Maybe?

Before our game, The Shins played versus their crew and lost in sudden death 6 to 4. Our game was slightly more lopsided at 16 to 6. James was their big score monkey and Jesse played good defense. Dave and Marty? Well, consider Team Chunklet the big cat and them the little mouse that we play with our paws before destroying.

Because things were so hectic around the time, I didn’t get a chance to mention that we had a rematch versus Queens of the Stone Age and clocked in another victory. That took us to 40 and 0, and with the Shins, we’re now 41 and 0.

I’m 99% sure there’ll be a rematch in December when they’re here for some new-style payola gig for 99X.

But all in all, a fun night. The rematch awaits!