Whirlyball – Team Chunklet vs. Isis (and Black Lips)

Well, we’ve finally done it. Team Chunklet is now 30 and 0. And who brought us to this lofty undefeated  status? Queens of the Stone Age? Death Cab for Cutie? Snow Patrol? Oh sure, along the way they helped, but Isis are the most recent victims of our whirly-prowess. Of course, I use that term loosely and with tongue firmly in cheek.

H2O with Aaron Turner sharing a tender moment. cRyan Russell

Naturally, Ryan Russell took many a photo of the entire night and will be posting them soon to his image heavy site. In the meantime, enjoy these.

Isis (post-loss) cRyan Russell

I should also add that Chunklet contrib (and Whirlyball show soundguy) Curt Wells assembled this video of The Black Lips actual performance at Whirlyball Atlanta along with footage of them getting spanked by Team Chunklet. Also, our buddy Sloan has posted a live recording of the Black Lips on the final night of that mini-tour at the 40 Watt Club. If you listen close, you can hear me introducing them to a shower of beer, ice and spit. I know, lucky me.

Black Lips @ Whirlyball Atlanta ’07. cRyan Russell