Whirlyball 7″ Show Wrap-Up

A few pictures and a few reflections….

First off, I’ve included some live mp3s of each band, and three of the four are doing songs from the Whirlyball single. All are courtesy of Sloan who runs the spectacular Southern Shelter blog who is currently posting Deerhunter’s complete show along with a Harvey Milk show from last October.

Secondly, the show was another rousing success. The Coathangers, The Carbonas, The Selmanaires and Deerhunter were all great

A drunkenly assembled group shot at 2am…photo by Ryan Russell

Thirdly, Team Chunklet’s now at 37-0-1. We took on The Arcade Fire to a very narrow 12-10 victory and destroyed a hastily assembled Bloc Party.

Next? We’ve got Ted Leo in August! Let’s see if good guys win in 2007.

Deerhunter live at Whirlyball Atlanta. Photo by Ryan Russell.

Coathangers and Team Chunklet crashing a mock wedding…photo by Ryan Russell

Deerhunter – Strange Lights (live)

The Selmanaires – new song (live)

The Selmanaires – Blue Ruse (live)

The Coathangers – Nestle In My Boobies (live)

Carbonas – Phone Booth (live)

Carbonas – Hubble Bubble cover (live)