WFMU Needs Your Help!

This is how bad it is in 2009.

The radio in my hometown of Atlanta is so horrible, my wife bought me Sirius radio last year for Christmas. Gone are the hours of listening to horrible DJs who play equally horrible music. The choked-with-shit NPR station in town is a thing of the past. Of course, I’m sure part of the reason my wife bought me Sirius is so I’d stop complaining, and for the most part, I have.

But with that said, almost 20 years after first hearing them, WFMU is still the only radio station I listen to religiously. And unlike then, I listen on their streaming audio channel instead of when I’m in the area. The station has served as an invaluable link to what’s going on up in the New York area, and more importantly, it has a more accurate reflection of what’s going on in the underground.

WFMU is entirely listener supported, and that’s become more important for me to understand the older I get. I put my money where my mouth is and I give freely to those things that I love. And WFMU is one of those things.

Chunklet has many, many good friends that staff the radio station, but Tom Scharpling’s in particular has got a pledge drive incentive that’s nothing short of jaw-dropping. Read about the whole thing here.

Along with a special Scharpling & Wurster CD recorded just for the pledge drive, and a Dogmo tote bag, there’s a slew of FOTs (including Death Cab for Cutie, Teddy Leo, Danielson and more, more, more!) that have recorded a tribute album to Paul McCartney’s album "Ram".

I really don’t like telling you to donate your time or your money to anybody or anything, but WFMU is an unbelievably important resource to (what I’m guessing is) 99.9% of the Chunklet readership.

Chunklet hearts WFMU and so should you. Show it by donating money all this week and especially on Tom’s show on Tuesday night. It’s absolutely worth it. Seriously.

(And as a special treat, I’m including Paul McCartney’s radio spots he recorded to promote "RAM")

Paul McCartney – Ram radio spots

Paul McCartney – Hi Hi HI radio spots